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If you’re looking for effective CBD, but want to be able to keep a close eye on your dosages, than the Hemper CBD capsule and pill lineup is for you. 

We offer a variety of hemp CBD capsule and pill options to fit your needs in a variety of milligram dosages, as well as total count in the bottle. Whether you are looking for a 10MG softgel for daytime use, or 125MG capsules for sleeping better at night, Hemper has you covered. We make it easy to take away the guessing game of CBD dosage through tinctures or vapes. Our capsules are all natural, and perfect for daily use. 

What Makes Hemp CBD Capsules and Pills So Great?

As we mentioned, the best thing about using these products  is how easy they are to use. When you use something like a CBD tincture, you’re rarely going to get exactly the same dose twice. When you take capsules or pills, you are always getting the exact same amount. They are also one of the easiest ways to take your CBD on the go. Taking them is as simple as having a glass of water. 

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One thing many people love about taking CBD pills and capsules is that there is no taste such as when they consume a CBD tincture product. If you dislike the taste of something, the chances of you using it regularly are far less, and you simply won’t get the benefits you wanted in the first place. 

What’s The Difference Between Taking CBD Pills and CBD Capsules? 

When it comes down to it, there is not much of a difference between taking CBD in pill form, vs taking it in capsule form. Typically when we talk about capsules, we think of those items that are softgels, or gel caps, where as a pill is typically pressed together powder. 

Many users find that the gel caps are easier to swallow, and dissolve easier, providing the relief from the CBD a little bit quicker than a pill.


What To Know About Different CBD Types

At Hemper, we only work with companies who’s products are produced from the highest-quality hemp. That hemp is put through an extraction process to pull from it that amazing, CBD-rich oil that is in our products. 

Once that CBD oil is obtained, it’s combined with a carrier oil, which helps it absorb into your system. When that happens, the CBD oil is classified as one of three types. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

You’ll find full spectrum CBD in many of our soft gel products. The reason this type of CBD is referred to as “full spectrum” is because it’s CBD oil that has retained the full varity of non psycho active phytocannabinoids, along with all of the natural terpenes the plant has to offer. When you consume full spectrum CBD, you get all of the amazing benefits that CBD has to offer. 

Most full spectrum hemp products to contain slight trace amounts of THC, however all of our products fall within the legal threshold. 

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

This is another type of CBD hemp oil you will find in our products. Broad spectrum CBD oil is similar in nature to full spectrum, in that it contains most of the same cannabinoids, and terpenes of the plant. The key difference is that you won’t find that same trace amount of THC, with broad spectrum oil containing less than .01%. 

CBD Isolates

Isolates are typically found in vape products, and you typically won’t see them included in CBD capsules or pills. Isolate oil is the least processed hemp oil, and is CBD alone, without any of the other terpines or cannabinoids we’ve discussed. Isolates are pure CBD, and as such offer the absolute lowest amounts of traces THC, with a threshold below .002%. 

All of the CBD products are intended to be completely non-psychoactive, and will not cause the user to experience a “high” that they would when consuming THC. All CBD products available on mainstream marketplaces such as ours must fall below .3% THC content. 

Benefits of Absorption with CBD Capsules

Taking CBD in capsule form is one of the easiest absorbed methods of CBD. Taking CBD in this form will allow your body to quickly and easily digest it, and get the CBD into your bloodstream. The sooner this is able to happen, the sooner you will enjoy the benefits of CBD.  

How Much Should I Take?

Hemper does not provide recommendations for use, as each individual is different, and has different needs. The first step is understanding the milligram dosage contained in each of our products, which is clearly display don each package. One thing that is often recommended is starting with a smaller dose, and taking more if you feel that you can get enhanced benefits from doing so. You can always take more, however you can’t take less.  

What is CBG Oil?

One of the other oils you will find in some of our products is CBG oil, and that may leave you wondering – what is it? 

CBG is naturally occurring in hemp, and is a rare cannabinoid. This means that it is extracted from hemp at the mere ration of 1:20. For every 1 part of CBG, you will need 20 times that amount of hemp. 

Known as the “Mother Cannabinoid”, CBG is one that can help create what is known as an “entourage effect”. This is when non-psychoactive cannabinoids are found to provide a noticeable euphoric effect. CBG is a great addition for your overall wellness. 

What is CBN Oil?

Learning about all of the different cannabinoids can be confusing. Even so, it’s important to know about all of the components of the products you take. CBN is one you may not be familiar with, but it’s important in the overall makeup of hemp CBD oil. 

CBN is responsible for aiding in getting better, deeper sleep. It also provides an overall sense of calmness, and is excellent for helping manage anxiety. 

CBN, while not THC, is derived from it, and forms as THC matures and ages. It’s long been known as the compound that produces the sleepy, relaxing effects often associated with indica based THC. 

Helping with better, more restful sleep are two of the most sought after needs that people use CBD for in the first place. If you’re looking for better relaxation and more restful sleep, our products that include CBN are perfect for you. 

Can I Mix CBD Pills and Capsules With Other CBD Products?

Yes, you can. If you currently use a CBD-based topical for muscle pain relief, you can certainly take more CBD in capsule form. A lot of users report that by mixing the different types of CBD products that they use, they are able to really maximize the benefits. Feel free to combine different types of CBD throughout the day. 

Why Choose Hemper For My CBD Capsules and Pills

Hemper is a well-known, reputable provider of CBD products, and is committed to only selling products that have undergone lab testing and are made in the USA. Many of our products feature full-spectrum CBD oil, giving you the purest form of CBD, and delivering the most complete set of benefits. 

We work to ensure that all of our products are hemp derived, and are 100% compliant with all federal laws. We have a commitment to working with companies that provide hemp-derived CBD products that are grown and produced in a sustainable manner. 

Beyond the products themselves, we work diligently to maintain the highest standards of customer service in the industry. We’re always here to help answer your questions.