Glass Blunt Pipes

Do you like to smoke blunts? Ever thought to smoke a blunt made of glass?

These innovative glass blunts are all the rage on both the East and West Coasts. You can smoke your strong herbs or tobacco with ease. There’s no need to constantly ash before you pass, and your dry herbs won’t break apart or fly away as you’re smoking them.

By using a glass blunt, you’re also winning some incredible style points. We offer countless colors and styles, you can fully express yourself with the design you choose!

Best Glass Blunts 

Some types of glass blunt even have cool, innovative features. Think of a glass blunt that grinds your herbs for you without you having to do anything. It’s the latest evolution in glass blunt technology.

There’s no need to buy extra parts or have supplies like rolling papers on hand at all times. Adjustable glass blunts allow you to define the depth and create the bowl you need, no matter what you’re smoking. The rubber grommet keeps the flavor inside for a tasty smoking experience.

Unlike other glass pipes, you can forget about the mess because all you have to do is push it out the tip as you smoke! It takes only seconds to clean, unlike bongs or dab rigs. Choose from a huge range of glass blunts online today, wow your friends, and revolutionize your sesh!