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As the demand for high-quality oils and vaporizers to use them grew, O Pen VAPE saw an opportunity to give the people what they want. In 2012, a consortium of six dispensary owners and growers put their collective minds and talent to work to develop a vaporizer to do just that.

From this partnership came what is now known among vaping enthusiasts as the O.penVAPE device. Since inception O Pen Vape and quickly grown to become one of the largest and most well-respected vaping device brands in the industry.

Furthering their agenda and mission, the company has partnered with Organa Labs to provide medicinal patience and recreational users alike a healthier alternative to traditional combustion smoking. With a mission of promoting health, wellness and a better quality of life, O.penVAPE has worked tirelessly to engineer vaping devices that excel in all aspects of performance, reliability and safety.

Their pens provide what many describe as an “unrivaled experience”, touting four unique voltage modes, an accurate draw-activated pull and rapid charging capabilities. But the features don’t stop there. The pens are easy to use without the need to learn complicated settings or third party apps.

Available in a wide range of designs O.penVAPE devices are both sleek and simple while packing quite a punch. Universal threads also ensure users can enjoy all of their favorite vape carts.